Tbaytel launches fund for community projects

Year 1 No. 27 — Friday, October 7, 2016

Tbaytel is launching the Tbaytel for Good Community Fund to support inspiring projects and to build strong and healthy communities across northern Ontario.

“Our Tbaytel for Good Community Fund will provide financial support to individuals, schools, community groups, non-profit organizations and charities across northern Ontario whose activities match Tbaytel’s own priorities,” says Dan Topatigh, Tbaytel’s president and CEO. “Through different programs, including Good Neighbour and Good School programs, both being launched here today, we support inspiring projects that help build a healthy community and show how much we can accomplish by working together.”

The Good Neighbour program supports small volunteer-driven projects that enhance community spaces and improve the neighbourhood while the Good Schools program supports school-based projects that inspire discovery, readiness to learn and improve learning potential.

“By working together, we can identify and help different parts of the city and the region work to accomplish what they are trying to do as well,” Topatigh says. “I strongly encourage everyone to check out if you are eligible to apply. All ideas, no matter how small they might seem, can make an absolutely huge difference.”

Guidelines for the Tbaytel for Good Community Fund are available online at: www.tbaytelforgood.net. The deadline for applications is 5 p.m. on Oct. 21, with winners to be selected by a selection committee of Tbaytel and community representatives.

“Earlier in June I had the pleasure of meeting with a number of different groups that we had provided funding to in the past and we were very impressed with what they were able to do in terms of making change inside of their own organizations in a very short period of time,” Topatigh says. “So we want to see that continue going forward.”

Tbaytel previously provided about $90,000 to fund community-based projects across northern Ontario through the Tbaytel for Good program, which was launched in 2013 for not-for-profit groups, schools and organizations.

“Tbaytel is committed to taking care of neighbourhoods and communities in northern Ontario where we do business,” Topatigh says. “Together, we accomplish more good than we ever could alone. From breakfast clubs and anti-bullying initiatives to community gardens, neighbourhood play days or projects that provide assistance to neighbours in need, there are many different ways that Tbaytel for Good Community Fund can help. This new fund is intended to be more grassroots and allow us to work together with neighbours and communities to make a tangible difference where it matters most.”

Tbaytel launched the fund at Evergreen a United Neighbourhood, which is located in the Simpson-Ogden neighbourhood in Thunder Bay, by donating a new picnic table and school supplies to the organization after its picnic table was broken.

“Evergreen a United Neighbourhood really depends on local support to keep our operations going so programs like Tbaytel for Good Community Fund are integral, not only to us, but hundreds of grassroots and not-for-profit organizations across the region,” says Linda Bruins, executive director of Evergreen a United Neighbourhood. “Tbaytel’s donation shows what good we can do when we all work together and our youth are so excited to be part of this event.”

Bruins says the donations will help students in the neighbourhood to be better prepared to go to school.

“And hopefully that will keep them going and motivated so they can be all they can be,” Bruins says.

Tbaytel provides cellular coverage along major highway corridors from just west of Sault Ste. Marie to the Manitoba border and from the United States border to Red Lake and Geraldton.